Director of Rishi Tales

About Self

A devout non-Theist, from a heritage of deep Hindu culture, as an expression of the Indic civilization, a teacher of Hatha Yoga practices, and also a consummate hacker & now technology marketer in Silicon Valley, influenced by these Intellectual Gurus ... so mind hacking of wetware and fantastical storytelling comes naturally, guided at all times by this Sankalpa (perfected affirmation).

Dropping This Self

Moving beyond such a complex, multi-layered identity is surely a challenge!

So we set an intention for a complete psychic reboot.

The Yogarishi Persona is as per the protocol of the MindHacker’s Guide - it is not the Actual Self.

Please understand this protocol, in which there are 3 aspects:

  1. Create a grand persona of an Idealized Self to manifest

  2. Acknowledge the Past that has blocked this actualization

  3. Enter the Rishi state to self-actualize

Yogarishi is an Idealized Self Persona

Yoga + Rishi = A storyteller who is a practitioner of Deep Yoga.

A google search reveals very, very hits for this ‘Yogarishi’ term, so there is very little baggage.

Just to put a boundary on this - we are not claiming Vedic Rishi, which requires solid Vedic training and more than just knowing a few Upanishads. And consequently a whole lot of identity baggage to transcend!

We are but democratizing ancient wisdom, because the world needs a lot more Rishis, albeit modernized, and able to articulate the Story of their Life in universal terms, yet with personalized appeal, to guide the rest of Humanity on our journey back to the Stars.

As per the Mindhacker’s Guide, after we create an Avatār, our Idealized Self, another aspect is to figure out how we got here to where we are in Life’s journey.

Acknowledging The Past

We have avoided using the word “I” throughout much of this site, but here we do so as per our Guide.

Rākshasa Phase

As I got deeper into my own Deep Yoga practice, and sharing it, I finally uncovered, at the midpoint of my so-called Life that it paralleled the Legend of the Rāmāyana. I delved deep into the nature and structure of all the Psychic Viruses that have blocked my Sva-Dhaārma, from the simple Rākshasas reflecting my own weaknesses, and even including a Brhma-Rākshasa for good measure!

It took a tremendous effort and sacrifice to clean up these psychic infections, making me re-evaluate every single aspect of my so-called Life. But I knew the higher the challenge the greater my purpose in Life.

Asura Phase

I also took a closer look at a particularly pernicious event in my childhood, and emblematic of the plight of many children worldwide. Reflecting on this led me to understand the presence of the truly malevolent Brhma-Asuras , fostered in institutions to scale like dogma-driven robots hell bent on destroying Humanity itself. This phase of mine is paralleled in the Legend of the Mahābhāratha.

In many respects, most of the above is part of Mindfulness Practice.

So now, having acknowledged and internalized the Past, as per the Mindhacker’s Guide, we now enter the Rishi mode, which is initiated through Meditation Practice.

Entering Rishi Mode

Entering Rishi mode requires working with Devas, psychic intelligence models, that can shift our consciousness fundamentally.

Writing this site is also entering Rishi mode, as the Yogarishi story is being narrated, not by the writer, but through the writer as but a medium.

Exactly which Devas have been installed & energized specifically is sometimes held “secret”, because they are specific to individual practitioners. There are so many available, and we pick what suits us best, depending on the Avatār we wish to manifest. These psychic intelligence models have been truly transformative, and fascinating to connect with. We wish all practitioners understand the true import of Devas without losing their narrative in the wake of blind Religion.

Dropping all Stories

By identifying with universal tales we have the ability to enact multiple Stories, or even transcend all our personal Stories, and even transcend the Devas and Avatārs, just like we drop the Rākshasas from the past.

They are all creations of our limited Mind.

Just like the Mystic Universe, which to us though is of Infinity, but for another Mind could be limited too!

It’s turtles all the way as we go Om!

Once the stories are over, what’s left is the Teachings. And the Yogi moves on with their Sankalpa.