On Thought

Let us think a little about Thought :-)

Addiction to Thought

The most powerful addiction in human behavior is our attachment to Thought - be it about what happened in the Past, or projecting what could happen in the future, whether it is analytical, fantasy, or even in sleep!

We make a sweeping guarantee here - by curing this addiction to Thought we can weaken & eliminate any other addiction in our life. This is outlined in detail in Patanjali Sutras.

Of course, Thought can also be a fount of Creativity.

Creativity of Thought

Fresh Creative Thought, that leads to spontaneous expression, is the root of all Creativity.

On the face of it this sounds like an innate capability reserved for real artists, or the deepest of Thinkers - yet this capability can be uncovered within each of us when we truly understand the nature of Thought.

A precursor to Creativity is Imagination. A post-cursor (is there such a word?) is Manifestation.

Imagination is vividly engaging only when Thought is Fresh.

Otherwise it is mere re-Creation, or re-Cognition, stemming from some past pattern, in other words being stuck in a mental groove. Boring.

Here are some vivid examples of Imagination on this site:

So fresh Thinking is critical for vivid Imagination.

And generating fresh Thought, is in fact the core technique of Deep Yoga practice.

So we now dive deeper to understand what limits the generation of fresh Thought.

Limitation of Thought

The model we are assuming here is of a Unified Whole Being, that incorporates the totality of existence.

This mind-boggling concept is another way of saying Infinity, which in simple number systems cannot be reached but only approached, but in more clever mathematical systems can in fact be so realized. The math analogy here is just an aside.

Thought, by definition, is Limited, as it attempts to Define a certain entity. Note the word Define has the same root as Infinite, or Finish, or Confine. That is, something which is Limited.

Hence obviously any Thought cannot represent the Infinite Whole.

Thought is thus but a Fragment.

Reduction to Fragments

Fragmentation by Thought naturally leads to some desirable consequences:

  • Reductionist Thinking, which is useful when we wish to drill deeper into any concept and understand it, or

  • To create a world of diverse & entertaining Thought Forms as forms of unique self-expression.

Fragmentation by Thought also has undesirable impact:

  • The more we analyze it, the more our world seems to be split up into the most narrow of pieces.

    • The various disciplines of Science are split from each other, Science itself is disconnected from what Humans really want, Cultures are split from each other, as are Nations. And now of course, even Families and Tribes are all split.

    • Just like the maddening pursuit to split the Atom, and its sub-atomic parts, which has led to very visible consequences.

  • The more we create for the sake of Entertainment, the more we distract from enquiring deeply within, for entertainment usually acts as distraction from the urgent needs of self-enquiry

Fragmentation is thus the very Nature of Thought.

Re-Integration of Thought

These Fragments lead us away from an integrated view of the Whole when the pieces don’t fit neatly with each other, like a well-designed jigsaw puzzle. We all love the more intricate puzzles but if the pieces are poorly machined then we just give up the entire effort to create the Whole.

So what is it that prevents such integration exactly?

When Thought comes forth from a psychological condition of the baggage of accumulated identity, then any single piece drags in other pieces - essentially unresolved, unclear relationships with people, with objects, with some experiences of the world. All loose ends that need to be trimmed.

In other words, although a Thought may be well-meaning on the surface, in most human cases it is actually Thought that is Conditioned by its psychological past.

We have a very elaborate exposition on Conditioned Thought as Psychic Viruses.

The nature of these Psychic Viruses, our mental baggage, is to keep projecting themselves into the Future, thus mucking up our Avatar models, and preventing us from being in our Svadharma.

we Meditate to Transcend

Transcend does not mean to escape, but it means to first completely & totally realize the situation as it is, in the Now, so that it is fully processed and does not project itself into the Future.

We can then move beyond our past Conditioning affecting the Future.

Thus we tune into a different level of Intelligence that we are not usually aware of, and allow for Fresh Creative Moments to spring forth.

The Psychic Little Bang

When Thought finally emanates from an Unconditioned State of Being, then it has the power to Manifest.

Think of this, so to speak, as a Psychic Little Bang, a pure intentional Thought Bubble that floats to the surface of our Consciousness and starts to impact the material world.

And now we study the Embodied Mind.