Ancient Tales

Ancient Tales are a Map into this unknown terrain of the Mind.

Mind Hacking is fascinating terrain to explore, but it becomes stuff and boring when presented as one of many existing Self-Help guides.

However when Mind Hacking is presented through the lens of Ancient Tales it becomes tremendously engaging, as we identify patterns of ourselves with the protagonist and their Psychic Virus afflictions in these stories. This loosens the grip of our Mind on its limited sense of Self.

In as much as we are eager to follow the hero’s progress in their journey, so too are we impelled to manifest our own progress in Life’s Journey.

Mythical Adventures

All ancient stories from the Indic, and other, civilizations have plots to rival any Harry Potter tale, but to most readers infected by the spread of Western materialism these tales are usually interpreted as Myth - entertaining surely, but modern meaning of Myth is likely a cooked-up story.

Ah, little do they know what they have lost in the Greek and other pagans gods now relegated to dusty museums!

Utilitarian Tropes

These tales have been also interpreted for their ethical & moral lessons, in how to live a good life. Surely this is useful, but their inner import has been totally stripped out.

Deep Irony

These tales have also been sanctified as religious texts but unfortunately their inner import has been overshadowed by Tamasic Hindus who are clueless to their own heritage, and Monomaniacal crusaders who demonize them as the devil’s spawn.

Of course such deification is useful to preserve and transmit across millennia, however these very tales have become the cause of communal strife whereas the whole point is to reduce human conflict - the sheer irony!

Actually Deep Yoga

These Tall Tales are, from our perspective of Deep Yoga, a Mind Hacker's delight loaded as they are with Psychic Viruses, and the battles that have to be fought for human evolution, in our journey to manifest Avatars.

Spotting these Psychic Viruses and neutralizing them is precisely the science of Deep Yoga. But becoming a scientist, in any discipline, is typically suitable only for a rarefied few. However this science of Deep Yoga is made a lot more fun and accessible when these psychic techniques are wrapped into stories that entertain and enthrall the practitioner.

And when Rishis master these Ancient Tales, in other words moving beyond their limited Mind narratives, it is thus we get tales of Living History, of Itihās.