ऋषि Rishi

A Rishi is a Storyteller of Life.

A Rishi creates such inspiring works they are typically immortalized by naming them after a star, and hence "our Life is written in the Stars".

A Rishi’s process of Storytelling, is fundamentally a Yagnya driven by their calling to Self-Actualize, by manifesting their Idealized Self and overcoming Psychic Viruses, and telling these tales vividly and with deep import.

Here we are paying attention to this fundamental purpose of all Human Life.

Cosmic Drama

A Rishi’s story is so compelling that even Devas come to play their roles in these timeless tales of Dharma.

This wake of cosmic energy also invites other Conscious Beings to rid themselves of their Psychic viruses, and realize their Sva-Dharma, and the Rākshasa & Asura viruses too join the party, for we all seek liberation!

And then as the drama of Life unfolds, the Rishi narrates these ever enduring stories from their first-hand दर्शन Darshan, their Fresh Creative Moment, of having witnessed this cosmic drama of Consciousness.

And moves on to another tale, or another twist in the eternal Tale!

Twists in the Tale

Although it’s not formulaic, after all we are capricious, playful Humans, usually everything goes to plan if the Rishi continues their Yoga practices.

But if they get shaken up, like getting seduced, or intoxicated, or angered, in the midst of such an amazing experience - basically not paying full attention - then the story takes an unpredictable turn.

Then the Rishi consciously injects themselves back into the story, and maybe even impregnate a barren princess or two - in the sense of making a conscious twist to the tale - for Life must go on!

Having gotten into these lower Chakras for rebooting the Life system, it’s a challenge to get back to Rishi state - but that’s where the Stories remind us and Deep Yoga takes care of us.

Master of Time

The Rishi as a master poet, is truly composed, even while they are composing, in the Present moment between our Past and Future self.

And thus transcends the effects of Kāla, or Time itself, to speed up Manifestation, potentially in realtime even.

It is thus that Rishis manifest Avatārs, their Idealized Self, and yet don’t stay stuck in one, or even any, manifestation alone.

For Self-Actualization is a continuous journey, an endless Yagnya.

Life’s a Journey

Stories of Avatārs, such as the Rāmāyana, vividly illustrate the journey of an individual through life, and evoke deeper meanings of how the individual’s Ātma, or spiritual essence, progresses on its own journey.

These Tales give us an amazing look into our Life’s Journeys.