रामायण Rāmāyana

The Rāmāyana story is the classic Hero’s Journey that is meant to inspire each one of us to manage the “slings & arrows of outrageous fortune.”

There is one original version written by Rishi Vālmiki, in Sanskrit, and then many others written in regional tongues across the entire breadth of the Indic civilization, not to talk of the countless commentaries that followed.

Our presentation is unique from the perspective of Deep Yoga.

It is about how an individual warrior prince, who is born only with the power of focused attention, and no other mystical Yogic super powers.

With the aid of his Gurus our hero is then able to acquire further Yogic powers, and just about when everything seems to be going just fine, ends up losing his kingdom, and even his core Shakti energy center, to the mother of all Rākshasa psychic viruses.

And then with the aid of Deep Yoga practices, including basic Hatha Yoga techniques of Prānāyama, he is able to vanquish hordes of Rākshasa psychic viruses - and eventually even the most deadly Brhma-Rakshasa!

Finally when his Shakti seems to be restored and the lost kingdom is regained, tragedy again strikes, and worse could yet happen - but thankfully averted at the nick of time.

We start the storytelling with the original storyteller Rishi Vālmiki.

(this is a work in progress, so sections will be added)