PsychoLinguistics is studying the interplay of the nervous system and language.

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This is putting it mildly from the perspective of Deep Yoga because Western reductionist science is unable to comprehend the impact of language on the Mind (if it even exists).

Western Model

Typical to modern Western reductionist mechanistic models, the science of PsychoLinguistics is defined as understanding the apparatus (mental & biological) that is used to acquire, generate, and understand language, and forms a part of the field of Cognitive Sciences, neurobiology, etc.

Physiological implications

For physical trauma conditions as a result of warfare or emergencies where urgent care is needed obviously a surgeon’s scalpel is useful, but applying that technique to chronic mental conditioning is not.

It is only recently that neuroplasticity has been recognized as a phenomenon, but the Western jury is still out whether Language impacts the Mind, or whether language merely is an output of the human mind.

Machine Implications

The concept of Language has been formalized in Western traditions as being valid only if put into print, and oral traditions are thus ignored. Such a written model has been useful to propagate knowledge to the masses (at the expense of context), and to communicate instructions explicitly either to machines or to humans who need to behave like machines (factory workers, military, etc.). In a sense this is good, because it keeps pushing humanity to figure out what it is to be actually human, and not just an intelligent machine, particularly in the age of AI.

Deep Yoga Model

Typical to traditional organic Yogic models, the science of PsychoLinguistics is how language impacts the entire apparatus of cognition, that it can be rid of its deep conditionings and let us evolve into our full Human potential, and discover our root of Creativity.

Recently developed techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming are but one small part of how Deep Yoga views the impact of Language on the Embodied Mind.

Inherent in the perspective of Deep Yoga is not just that the Mind impacts the Body, but that our entire Embodied Mind is one integrated complex exists for the purpose of the Mind alone. The whole is plastic, not just the neural system, but the entire organic complex of who we are can be changed, and is in fact changing all the time, most of the time without our awareness, but with Deep Yoga we can bring awareness into this plasticity.

Understanding this inherent plasticity of the Embodied Mind through psycholinguistics is the science of Memetics.

Further details on Memetics, Psycholinguistic Language (Bhasha), Memetic Sutras, References.