Psychic Viruses

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The sub-sections in this area are password protected for two reasons:

  • We would like the Yogi Sapiens book to be fully published so well-meaning practitioners are properly prepared.

  • We would not like to reveal these psychic secrets to the not-so-well-meaning practitioners ahead of time.

Monsters of our Mind

The Legendary Tales that we have come to love over the generations are filled with Daemons that our heroes have to battle on their journey to become Rishis & Avatārs.

As we get older and hopefully wiser, we realize that these Daemons are but embellishments of the Mind - but are they “merely” so? When the entire Universe is a mental construct, “mere” seems bit tepid to characterize their import!

Of course one reason our storytellers dramatize these stories is for the sake of entertainment.

Another reason, which is also well known, is that these tales reveal historical insights into societal conditions which when interpreted correctly reveals the Grand Narrative for the whole civilization.

But what has long been brushed over is that these tales are actually replete with Mind Hacking techniques of Deep Yoga, where the characters are actually embodied within our Psyche, and all their actions and biases reveal themselves as the deep programming of our mental condition as Ghosts from the Past. Small wonder that in Sanskrit the word for Ghost is identical to the word for the Past! (Bhūt भूत )

Drop these Beasts

When we understand what they actually are, then we drop this daemonization so that we can reduce the emotional baggage on our path. Otherwise they could grow larger than Life, maybe even prompt us to justify physical violence - and mostly that’s not useful.

Thus instead of viewing these Daemons as independently arising beasts we view them as Psychic Viruses. That may sound dramatic too, but it is only when we give them sustenance within us that viruses come to life, and when we do not give them energy they are mere bits & pieces of inert mental stuff that do not Condition who we are.

The Root is Conditioned Thought


Conditioned Thought can arise because of our immediate surroundings, from people who share a similar framework to life, but bring in all their own baggage from family, friends, work, religion, culture, traditions, language, etc.

In the Indic literature these are called Rākshasas and causes Inner Conflict in Individuals.


Conditioned Thought can also arise because of alien Memetic viruses - those subversive imported Memes which mutate our native frameworks.

In the Indic literature these are best described as Asuras and causes Outer Conflict in Societies.

  • When scaled up they are Brhma-Asuras that infect entire Civilizations

And now a Tale about their Prime-Ordeal Birth