Style guide

This site attempts to be precise in its use of words, and as words become Concepts they are hyperlinked so some kind of meaningful semantic web is created. And as you reinforce the content by following through, on the web & in personal life, these absorbed Concepts fashion us into a Conscious Being.

Language is thus very important, so pay attention to word usage, and we attempt to highlight phrases for quick glance reading, to avoid TLDR.

The content is peppered with words which are directly from the Sanskrit language, as that is the language of likely the most ancient formalization of Mindhacking techniques. There are plenty of Sanskrit words that we use which have cognates in English (sound similar and mean the same), for Sanskrit is considered the root of Indo-European languages. We therefore use etymology to help us really understand the root meaning of these words, and point out how the interpretations of these words have painted an image of the word that obscures its original intent in many cases. Also many of these words need some elaboration beyond just a short meaning so we call these words as non-Translatables because there may be no one-word substitutes in English although there may be short phrase equivalents.

Resolve to Evolve

Before we even start on this journey of Self-Actualization, we make a commitment to fully show up, as in a Yagnya, which is another way of saying that:

Deep Yoga helps us to deprogram ourselves from Psychic Viruses, and the process is best described as a “churn” because it is total, across all dimensions of Life. It is a magnificent feeling to be in such a Space!

Churning the Path

There are patterns in Life that have been captured in our Ancient Tales, which help inform social Narratives, and even our individual stories are modeled as such, provided we can discern them for what these stories actually are in the grand scheme of things.

Patterns are interesting quirks in the fabric of Life, provided we don’t stay stuck in the groove and avoid well-trodden paths, or even those created by others no matter how exalted!

Following the MindHacker’s Guide can help us out of these stuck grooves.

Visualize, if you will, the pot of our body filled with the milk of our consciousness in which we place the churning stick of our spine (actually the nervous system), and out of the process of churning our life story emerges a completely transformed being embarking on a fresh story.

This metaphor is called a Yagnya, and is akin to how the physical Universe itself keeps transforming at cosmic scale in a continuous Yagnya.

In the age of AI we will transport Human Consciousness all over the Universe, so it’s a good idea to clean up Human Consciousness now - we have about only 25 years before the AI genie jumps the bottle.

Leaving aside such fears though, there is also a motivational model to pursue such a path.

Self Actualize

The MindHacker’s Guide is fundamentally a Self-Actualizing protocol, to achieve anything we desire - in moderation though!

Self-Actualization is done by affirming our Self-Idealized “Future” state & De-Identifying from the “Past”, and then entering into Rishi state we transcend the conditioning of the Past in the Now thereby shed limiting patterns that keep us stuck from moving cleanly to the Future.

A general overview of the concepts involved:

  • a Yogi enters the Rishi state, a storyteller of Life

  • a Rishi manifests their Avatār, in our Idealized Self life story

  • these Psychic Viruses challenge us to shed what is not us, and thus we de-identify.

    • of course we can’t get stuck to one particular story groove, so eventually we move on and de-identify even from the “good” stuff, like Avatārs and Devas.

This is not a Waterfall

  • It is a spiral learning model

    • you don’t have to fully finish one stage before entering the next

    • spiral back to whatever level you need to

    • spiral ahead to whatever level you can

So now we jump to understanding what is this Idealized Self of an Avatār.