Patanjali Sutras

These are the definitive instructions for MindHacking in Deep Yoga, coming to us from across the ages - re-interpreted with precision, framed in a thorough background of Thought, and contextualized in Amazing Tales.

We pick only the most salient ones at first, and we will keep adding to this list as we eventually hope to cover all 196 Sutras.


Keeping to our MindHacker’s Guide model of invoking Devas, psychic intelligence models, we invoke this amazing Being at first, may it guide us on this Path that is Pathless because it is our own Journey, not someone else’s.

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4 Sections

The 196 Sutras are divided into 4 sections. Click away & Enjoy the bliss of Ānanda!

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SamĀDHI: Perfection in Observation

SĀDhana: Burning Away the Baggage

Vibhuti: Steps for Self-Actualization

Kaivalya: Perfect Relationship with the Self