Memetic Sutras

The purpose of Psycholinguistics is to reprogram our Mind, and is thus a perfect complement to the deprogramming process of Deep Yoga that gets rid of Psychic Virus conditions.

Memetic Sutras help in this process.

A Sutra, as some may know, is a string that ties together bits of knowledge, just like a 'suture' ties together bits of the human body.

Memetic Sutras are formed by embedding certain Psycholinguistic terms into any spoken language sentence, and make it appealing to spread by using clever, poetic flourishes, which is how Memes spread.

Clever includes multilingual puns, and other forms of word play, and formatting - whatever gets the point across and makes it stick.

Press "button" for    Meme

Press "button" for Meme

Maybe images too

Memetic Sutras, thus constructed, can then be spread virally, and counter Memetic Viruses that may have taken over our native mental frameworks.

Memetic Sutras work because by definition Sutras cause us to think, reflect, & discuss, so it promotes human intelligence as we unpack their inner meanings. And the Memetic portion by definition has a certain viral quality that helps it to propagate.

Memetic Sutras purely in Tamil language work really well in that sub-culture because it is a vibrant spoken & formal language, as well as shares tons of deep keywords with Sanskrit.

Memetic Sutras creation can be extended to any spoken language, by embedded use of Psycholinguistic terms, thus eradicating global propaganda, as much an imperative as eradicating global poverty, because propaganda poisoning leads to poverty of fresh thought.

“We need not use these languages as the Sole medium of expression …
   … but we can use some keywords as our Soul’s window of expression.”