इतिहास Itihās

इतिहास Itihās means “Thus it Happened”,
… and is a first-person experienced story
… told by a Rishi who recounts
… what happened, as it happened, and even made it happen.

The telling of an Itihās,
… by any storyteller who embodies the spirit of the tale,
… results in the felt experience
… being transmitted to the audience,
… through रस Rasa,
… Mirror neurons, perhaps, and more?

These tales of audacity,
… of mind blowing stories,
… of superhumans & gods, and psychic viruses & creatures from the dark,
… of near impossible victories snatched from the mouths of disaster,
… and tragically of disasters too snatched from the mouths of victory,
… have endured for millennia
… through the power of tribal networks,
… in song, dance, sculpture, text, and rituals,
… because all such ancient tales are,
… but differently woven expressions,
… of the same Deep Yoga model,
… that is practically uniform across all cultures.

Unfortunately Itihās has been mistranslated as ‘history’,
… a mere factual recounting of events,
… that happened uniquely in the past,
… and “His”-story is usually told of conquering Kings
… written by men in their employ,
… no more than hagiographies,
… called प्रशस्ति Prashasti in Sanskrit,
… or paeans to royalty by loyal court poets.

Where then is “Her”-story,
… the woman's perspective in all this,
… that is not rooted in subversive Feminist ideology?

Where then is the perspective of the common person,
… not predicated on subjugation,
… framed by divisive Subaltern or Race constructs?

Thus, History usually becomes a devious narrative tool
… for propaganda and mass control.

In contrast, stories from Itihās
… are couched in the timeless technique of Deep Yoga,
… and when we understand that
… the characters in our our own life story
… are but the result of our own Karma,
… then we can attempt to take charge
… of our own living story,
… by taking the perspective of a Rishi.

Itihās such as in the story of the Rāmāyana
… is where we take on the role of Avatār of Rāma
… to get rid of Rākshasa psychic viruses,
… or such as in the story of the Mahābhāratha,
… where we manifest our intent to become an Avatār of Krishna,
… and rid the land of the Asura memetic viruses,
… but this is truly an advanced practice,
… so beware, first master the Rāmāyana !

Of course, we go to endless lectures
… on the Rāmāyana or Mahābhāratha and
… come back convinced to transform,
… however unless we implement the lessons deep within,
… from a Deep Yoga perspective,
… then this conviction weakens
… and Itihās could deteriorate into mere History.

So the main purpose of the creation of an Itihās is to transcend this limiting perspective of historical narratives, of society and of even our own self, and create new ones at will, or none at all if we so choose!

And now finally we are ready to explore some the mind blowing Legendary Tales.