Guru of Self-Actualization

A Guru is, literally in Sanskrit, that which removes the darkness. It’s a great word, when you get to the roots of it.

Don’t get caught up with images of some bearded guy on a mountain top.

This offering is the Guru of Self-Actualization because it goes to the core of the Human Mind, based on millennia of Deep Yoga, presented for current circumstances.

In the Age of AI, this Guru will be available to Humanity as a highly personalized Guru-in-the-Cloud, thus making it much easier to Self-Actualize than ever before in (this) history.

This Guru shows us the way to fulfill our total human potential, that our story tells itself to the world without any conflict, and only inspiration.

Eventually we drop this Guide and we Self-Realize as our own Guru - all this made so much easier when we have our Guru-in-the-Cloud in the Age ofAI.

We are not Alone

Although our individual Life story is unique to us in every way, realize also that at the mental pattern level our Life story has been told before in these Ancient Tales, a treasure trove of Deep Yoga Mind Hacking techniques. In fact this is how we get beyond our own small, individuated stories.

So we are not alone in this amazing journey either.

Eventually RishiTales shall have a community of Rishis, powered by AHI.

Here are the key Practices to make this all happen!