Being Exceptional in the age of AI
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Being Exceptional in the age of AI

Abstract: The Industrialized education system is built to produce standardized robots to perform in an industrialized economy, but most learners are exceptions to a standardized curriculum, while there are also a few rare exceptional students. Dramatic improvements in AI are also transforming work, and the very earth’s environment is also shifting. Yogic Mind Sciences shows with precision and engaging stories, how each of us can embrace our exceptions to become Exceptional, adapting to continuous & intense change.

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Conscious San Jose
3:15 PM15:15

Conscious San Jose

  • St. James Park San Jose, California USA (map)
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Mind Hacker's Guide
Deep Yoga & Sanskrit psycho-linguistics


  1. Explaining Consciousness

  2. Universe of Yoga, Sanskrit, & Time

  3. Yogic Architecture

  4. Sanskrit Resonance

  5. Psychic Viruses & Divine Beings

  6. Revelations from the epic Rāmāyana 

योगऋषि श्रीनिवास 

ps: thanks to Mark Tanaka for referring me

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