THE Embodied mind

In a Yogic framework, there is much more to the living human body than what meets the eye.

Our Drishti, fundamental perspective, is that our physical body exists for the purpose of embodying the human Mind, and in fact it is the Mind that constructs the Body so that it can manifest its individual purpose in the material plane.

In the grand view of Vedanta of course, this is a limited view of the Mind, but it is useful at one level, so let us not dismiss it immediately because we can observe very real physical realities such as feelings, emotions, and even thoughts, with this perspective.

The grand view of the Mind is that the entire Mystic Universe exists for the purpose of embodying the Cosmic Mind, and in fact it is the Cosmic Mind that manifests the Material Universe so that it can experience this game of Life.

Profound Implications

This model seems a like a mere mental construct but when Deep Yoga practices are followed though, it is a realizable one - which is where the magic of Yoga is experienced, and our thoughts are manifested in physical reality.

The Lens of the Kosha

The Embodied Mind is best viewed through the lens of a Kosha, which is not at all like Russian dolls nested inside each other - although most describe it that way.

Kosha literally means something akin to a Treasure Chest which, as we open up, enriches us. These Koshas are increasingly subtle views of the Embodied Mind that we perceive as we get deeper into meditation.

3 Koshas of Our Embodied Mind

As we transcend these
first 3 Koshas of the BodyMind
we get to experience life as a
Conscious Being.