• Contrasted with the world think Yuval Noah Harari who wrote Sapiens, and Homo Deus:

    • his books are history centric (Yogi Sapiens is mostly ahistorical)

    • they paint a very dismal view of the future (as entrepreneurs we are very optimistic)

    • only gives advice (reading this book is a meditation that will transform you)

Skill / Talent Needed

  • Knowledge of Indic languages (Sanskrit & Tamil) would be nice- not necessary expertise. If you don’t know much more than Namaste that’s ok - we can provide you connections to help. If unable to read Indic scripts that’s ok - be fluid pasting into google translate and figure it out.

  • Must be deeply interested in how the Mind works and possibly having no formal background in Cognition is ok.

  • Expertise in online collaboration tools (eg google docs)

  • Bonus: design sensibility for nice layout of content, or even an artistic sensibility for illustrative sketches (or at least an eye). This book has to be illustrated to make sense - we can outsource the actual work if you cannot do it, e.g. Fiverr.

TimeFrame: Start NOW.

  • Start: March

  • Finish: One Month


You will learn the most profound science of Mind Watching, with cutting edge applications unimaginable to the untrained Mind, yet reachable by just the power of the Mind, with power over the Mind!

  • Tell me your charges and let’s work on a budget.

  • An excellent bonus would be to continue on contract as Marketing Coordinator for pushing out the book - web, social media, events, etc.

  • Upon take-off, this will launch you also if you choose to hop on the magic bus!

Details of Objective

  • Organize means :

    • Read this site briefly and take your own notes down using Google Docs & Keep. No paper. The site is out of date quite a bit but you will get a flavor of the book that is being written.

    • Document hallmark references from original Sanskrit/Tamil texts. Don’t need an academic quality reference list to bamboozle the world with bullshit. The observations on in the book are unique & impeccably logical, and engagingly wow!

    • European armchair philosophers need to be put in their place and their key main points/categories mapped as subsets into what we have shown here on this site. This is doable without being stupefied into boredom. I will show you how, with Kant for example. For this portion you can take all the credit, and I will take any flak that could come :-)

  • Edit means - attention to microscopic detail on every word, phrase, sentence, para, chapter, flow - plenty of word play going on here. If you miss my wordplay you miss the whole point of mindhacking through language. If you find wordplay on further passes please tweak and bring out without dumbing it or making it trite. It is important that reader Minds linger on phrases to unpack them - this is key to mindhacking, like “Poetry drips from tongue like honey!” Now you know why Sanskrit Sutras are not just for brevity!! If you dont get some phrase on the site, re-read until bulb goes on - otherwise just take notes for discussion with me.

  • Embellish means - to not overdo it like modern Indian bridal jewelry, but clever ornamentation that brings attention to the subtleties - in terms of words, Doodles, examples.

    • Not black & white either like American formals with but a sprig of flowers.

This will free me up to finish documenting my interpretation of Patanjali’s Sutras which are the core of the technical material, that most mortals have found hard to understand, let alone implement!


After browsing site, and sufficiently psyched about the scope …. let’s collaborate on a work proposal. If you have any questions please do