The Mystic Universe
बृहमन् Brhman

In Sanskrit

बृह Brha means Vast, and our Universe is nothing if not Vast

मन् Mana means Mind, and the Manas is nothing if not Mystic.

The following terms are equivalent

Mystic indicates a Mystery to be unraveled,
Psychic indicates unexplained phenomena,
Transcendental indicates beyond Reductionist Thought


Consciousness lies beyond this mental construct of Brhman.
It is No-Thing per se.
Maybe it is a just process.
As it is beyond mental construct it cannot be defined.
Some call it Para-Brhman.

Fundamental Mindset

Deep Yoga stems from the loftiest of perspectives that each of us is capable of the grandest of heights, psychologically and consequently materially too.

The core of this perspective is that this entire Universe is a Thought Form rooted in One-ness, hence the word Uni-verse.

An intermediate perspective, between the individual & the Universe, is that every Group of members is capable of becoming a Conscious Being too.

The Highest of Ideals

Yogis are no shrinking violets - we aspire for the highest of human ideals.
It might seem like this could engender a case of an outsize “ego”.

But a true Yogi works for Universal cause and transcends the limited mind perspective.

अहमस्मि ब्रह्माहमस्मि
Aham-asmi Brhma Aham Asmi
I am this Brhman I am!

अहमेवाहंमांजुहोमि स्वाहा 
Ahamevāham-mānjuhomi Swāhā
I am offering this “I-am”
into the flames of this
यज्ञ Yagnya
— महानारायण-उपनिषद् Mahānārāyana Upanishad