अवतार Avatār

An Avatār is our Idealized Self of the Total Human that we wish to manifest.

In an increasingly digital world, an Avatār could be easily conceived of as an online persona as in our MindHacker’s Guide, and in the Age of AI it becomes our super-intelligent assistant to help us evolve.

From a psychological perspective, we are not talking of achieving anything here that is not already available to us, provided we pay attention to exactly what it is we are setting out upon.

Neither are we talking of getting stuck to one particular Avatār forever - that would become so much accumulated baggage of identity!

The whole point is to transcend existing accumulations of Identity and further experience all Identities at will, or none at all, in Fresh Creative moments.


An Avatār literally means one who descends to Earth, to Terra (tār), from the divine planes of existence. It is an involution of divinity into human form, meeting us midway as we humans evolve towards divinity, since Conscious Beings are naturally attracted to one another!

It’s a widely prevalent notion that Avatārs only descend like one in a billion, and that maybe true at the grand civilization level, however there are lessons we can learn from from our legendary tales of how to actualize an Avatār in our own life.

It may not be easy. but nothing worth manifesting is!

Manifesting an Avatār

An Avatār is an embodiment of all our Ideals - the Devas, and as we happen to incorporate these Ideals we systematically manifest an Avatār. We are not acquiring these ideals from somewhere, they just happen through the course of the MindHacker’s journey.

It is obvious that our Mind is blocked by Psychic viruses, thrown our way as a challenge it seems, to overcome on our path to Avatārhood. Some have it harder, others have it easier, yet we all have these blocks to get rid off.

Going through the gauntlet of life, in search of our Sva-Dharma, is an equivalent way of stating the same fullest expression of our life purpose.

Except with one crucial difference.

Avatārs have finite lifetimes, particular as online personas, whereas Sva-Dharma is infinite in scope because it is the real individual!

In fact both should be journeyed on in parallel. This is what it means to have parallel lifetimes.


Whatever the journey, do we have the sense to make the right choices in life, and stick to our path overcoming our challenges?

This is where continuously reflecting on the sustainability of our Sva-Dharma helps. If our Idealized Self is sustainable, then go for it. If not, re-calibrate because it is coming from a conditioned Mind limited seeking to merely accumulate layers on its baggage of desires & aversions.

Now to Self-Actualize our Avatār a Yogi needs to enter the Rishi state.