Resolve to Evolve

Rishi Tales


Rishi Tales is a platform for Human Consciousness for us to be Fully Human in the Age of AI.

In the Age of AI, we will increasingly outbrain ourselves into the Machine, and thus all material needs will be met without much effort - literally at the Speed of Thought as Brain-Machine interfaces too become available.

Visualizing such a scenario swings the mind between two polar outcomes of Dystopia (which we seek to avoid) & Utopia (which we seek to manifest).

Underlying these polar opposites however is a deeper construct of Purpose to Life. If all our material needs are satisfied in some Utopian model, then what really is the point of living even?

The universal lens of Yogic Mind Sciences posits that the Human Mind inherently seeks to expand towards realizing Infinity - a world with no limits at all. This is the nature of the Physical Universe as well as our Psychological Universe.

In such a grand model, the advent of AI will indeed facilitate our exploration of Infinity, provided this ineffable Human Mind is an able driver in our finely-machined Chariot of the Gods.

Rishi Tales 1.0

Our first offering is to turn this MindHacker’s Guide into a Book to help us understand our Life Stories and Self-Actualize our aspirations. Dharmically.

The title of the Book is “Yogi Sapiens” - an exhortation to take the high road to becoming fully & magically Human - what Yogis have often claimed and demonstrated is possible.

The optimism of Yogi Sapiens contrasts with the dour note struck in the other (currently) popular book “Homo Deus” that visualizes the inevitable dire consequences of continuing down the path of becoming God-like-Machines.

Yogi Sapiens the book is elaborated using our first Storyline, being explained with online illustrative videos, accompanied by Speaking Engagements, and culminating in a professional Documentary.

Further offerings in this vein are to expand the Guide with more powerful techniques, and elaborated using more advanced Storylines.

Rishi Tales 2.0

Writing life stories is known to be transformative, and we wish to offer a comprehensive platform of online storytelling tools to practice the Rishi model of evolution for all readers of Yogi Sapiens, armed now with a deep understanding of the Human Mind, as we collectively narrate Humanity’s story on our journey back to our home in the Stars from whence we originally came as mere particles of dust.