Self-improvement Bandwagon

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Are you tired of psyche-you-up techniques that feed you with temporary shots of adrenaline just to get in the door, except to leave you soon in a slump?

Is your bookshelf crowded with tales of “multi-dimensional secrets of quantum enlightenment”, except something hasn’t quite worked yet?

Are you wandering around armed with a checklist manifesto crafted by social scientists, a technique that works great in operation theaters and air traffic control rooms, except those “4 pillars, or the 3 C’s, to achieving success” hasn’t quite hit the spot in your personal life?

Maybe you could write your own awesome Self-Help Guide once you fix your own challenges?


The crucial missing Science

We all know very well it is our Mental Condition that determines success in Life, however you define success. We’ve all got techniques that we practice, routines that ensure optimal outcomes, that we keep fine-tuning. But it’s just a hodge-podge we gather, by copying the obviously exceptional masters of whatever their craft in life, whom we idealize in our Mind, but we only know who they are superficially - except what works for them, does not work us.

When there’s too many exceptions, this is not Science.

Deep Yoga


There is only one thoroughly researched & documented science that has worked for millennia, which is the root of all Mind Sciences, perfected by thousands of masters that have gone before us, and thousands more even amidst us. But this Science has not been translated effectively, yet.

This science is Yogic Mind Science, or what we call as Deep Yoga here.

Of course, 99% of your success is due to practicing the theory, but without a precise handle on the Science it will be a random walk through a forest of probabilities and you may end up with only 1% success rate.

Deep Yoga is the perfected Science of Human Consciousness.



You mean the twisty, bendy, skinny, kombucha sipping, vegan stuff? Sort of. Yes, but did you know the physical Yoga practices all stem from the Yogic Mind Sciences ? This is actually the missing 93.75% of Deep Yoga that guarantees you can create magical energies to empower your entire existence. Add up all of Kant, Jung, the Stoics, the Greeks, Daoism, Confucianism, Druids, Egyptians, Mysticism, whatever, and you still get but a subset of Deep Yoga.

The MindHacker’s Guide makes Deep Yoga accessible.

Boring Philosophy?


It used to be, or at least esoteric, until we discovered that the most amazing adventures told in these classical legends actually coded all these Mind Hacking techniques into their characters and plots. So they get transmitted across millennia, albeit with embellishments, but still carrying the core element of the Truth of Life. No dry archetypes from crusty old pipe smoking philosophers, these !

Art & Science of Manifestation doesn’t sound like mere Philosophy!

Theology of Religion?


Oh God, no! Please spare us. Sure it was useful when Science was in its infancy, but now that we know so much more, it is time to retire religion into the museums. But the Spiritual-but-not-Religious amongst us are still seeking answers because there is indeed something in us that yearns to touch the Infinity of our full potential.

How to become Fully Human, or Divine in other words.

Theology of AI?


The God in the Machine is coming, and it all stems from the theology of modern materialistic Sciences. The belief that the universe can be modeled on a perfect set of axioms, or laws, works in the material world, after all we don’t want planes falling out of the sky, or nuclear reactors imploding. Except in the psychological world an axiomatic model turns human beings into automatons. Particularly when the AI revolution is upon us we we need to speed up our own evolution, or else just become a cog in the AI God-machine.

To have Humanistic AI we ourselves need to become completely Human.

No more Mysteries?

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We sure hope not! As go through our MindHacker’s Guide - the Guru of Self-Actualization, our Mind shifts into a different state altogether. Dreams, messages, affirmations, synchronicities, bio-energies - all start to become clearer and serve to guide us in a way that manifests magic in our life.

The Universe is vast, and so is our Mind space, in fact they mirror each other in ways that will always be magical, which is what makes the quest so worthwhile.

The Mystic Universe is when we transcend the fetters of the Mind